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Why choose Absolute Community Care

We at Absolute Community Care are committed to supporting people with disabilities and bringing their NDIS plans to fruition, operating with honesty, integrity and without discrimination. We work together to promote an environment where equality, inclusiveness and individuals' right to independence are respected, accepted and embraced. 

Our Mission :

  • Promote inclusivity and empowerment through care and understanding of all diverse groups within our community. To create opportunities for growth and independence that enables the individual to life the life they choose.

  • Provide high quality and flexible services to enhance opportunities for continuous growth and independence  that supports  an individuals choices and improves well-being.

  • Provide and environment which embraces individuals to make choices which improves their lives through person centred support services, in a flexible and inclusive manner free from discrimination or judgement.

Core values:

  • Transparency.

  • Honesty, respect, fairness and trustworthiness.

  • Value clients.

  • Continuous learning and development.

  • Embrace and promote diversity.

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